Sunday, 27 July 2008

Nice scarves

I recently finished weaving my first finished pieces, a pair of matching scarves for my mother and a friend of hers. They're made with what I believe to be wool, at least i'm pretty sure the white is wool. what the purple bit is i have no idea, but it's lovely anyway, and it seems to work well. So there you have it. It's a 2/2 straight twill, nothing fancy. I'm still in the land of twill variations, they are a lot of fun, but i tend to progress very slowly and spend more time experimenting with colour than pattern, and almost never with texture. I'm just not a very adventurous boy really. Watch this space, however, for more. I shall doubtlessly put up a slideshow or some such thing, if it's possible, of my tablet-woven loveliness, and all the other experiments and fun i've been having with the looms in my house. Anyhow, my first ever finished product.

Actually, i tell a lie, this was my first finished product. Well, not a fully finished product, as i left sewing in the ends to the recipient of this lovely silk/wool wrap made on table loom, with a semi-basket weave (plain weave with two warp threads to a heddle). It's a very nice thing i thought, although it does require dye fixer for the blue, which seems to run like Linford Christie. Anyway, very nice stuff, wot's very reasonably priced actually. Tenner by the kilo, which ain't bad in my book, i used to pay that for acrylic rubbish from the pound store. So, sometime in the next couple of months there'll be more fabric made with this stuff, once i've made space on one of the looms. Hey, i've figured out how to post images! round of applause please. Thank you

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