Monday, 10 November 2008

back to work, finally

I put a rug warp on the frontroomloom the other week. but i didn't get round to doing anything with it for ages cause the wool took ages to arrive. Then the wool arrived and i wove an inch or so, before getting called down to edinburgh and dundee to go on a massively expensive and altogether regrettable orgy of drinking and, believe it or not, mediation and conflict resolution (that's NewSpeak for "keeping my mates from getting kicked out of pubs").

Now i'm back, sober and feeling reasonably optimistic. So i'm getting back to work

It's a relief. Anyhows, i think it'll end up about 5 or 6ft long. the loose weft ends are getting darned into the body of the fabric btw, in case you're wondering. it's nice to get a good rythm going, and i'm learning to really fling that shuttle with some force, because i still haven't managed to get a really decent shed. Before i put the next warp on, i'm going to have to have some serious time readjusting things and fine-tuning the tie-up. Great. Definitely my Favourite Thing. Not

I still have to re-tie the entire counterbalance mechanism on the backroomloom as well and clear the current warp from it, cos i want to make a big, fat, stupidly long piece on it for my portfolio. As it goes, i've built the book for holding my samples. It's backing is made of rag-rug and the pages are made out of that houndstooth check or whatever it was i made the other month. i've got all the fringes stitched up and i've started carting all my tat up to college so i can work on it up there, cos i never get any sewing done at home, and me and the tutor are both agreed that i could quite happily fail every module on this course as long as i can put together a folio good enough to get into galashiels. After all, that is the ONLY thing that matters just now, everything else is just trimmings.

Also, i fretted and fussed for ages over how to do the notes, cos i didn't want to just staple bits of paper into a nice portfolio, and i've settled on the time-consuming practice of embroidery. so i bought a wee embroidery frame and a suitable piece of fabric and i'm going to embroider my notes and stich them into the thing. It's going to be extremely labour intensive, but it'll probably be 3 or 4 months before i get an interview at least, so i've got plenty of time. And it gives me more time to weave more samples, which is nice.

Anyhoodle, that's that for now