Friday, 6 May 2011

yaaa! 2nd year's finished!

here be pictures

 i swear to god, i've rotated these pictures before i uploaded them, but ooooh no! blogspot knows better! curses! just tilt your head to the right, it won't hurt much
 detailing of the collar. you can't really see, but that's 1x1 cabling on the yellow bit. A lot of work for a very subtle effect, but I like it
 This is made with an intarsia carriage, it knits multiple colours in one course without floats. It's all hand manipulation, and you lay in each colour manually. Takes a while, but worth it. You can choose whether or not to link the colours at the edges, as you can see i've taken advantage of that to make wee slits in the fabric
 This is impossible to explain from a photo, and it doesn't look like much in a photo, but it took me the best part of a day to make, and consists of about 35 individual pieces of fabric joined together

 This is all just lifts. Again, take a long time, and sort of build up on itself. is quite nice